Monday, 23 July 2007

Fig Chutney

I have been waiting for this moment of the year to arrive. I never really knew what to do with the amount of figs that we get every year, until last year. We went and had dinner at a nearby pub and stumbled across a starter of Mediterranean breads, Olive Oil and homemade fig chutney. This stuff was amazing and very addictive! I got chatting to the landlady (the creator) who swore me to secrecy, but shared her magical recipe with me. I must stick to my word and will not be divulging same I'm afraid.

The figs this year seem to be absolutely enormous, about the size of your average mango, I guess it's to do with all the rain we've had this summer, although I'm still waiting for summer to arrive. The veggie patch has thrived though and you could watch the amount of growing that's going on in the kitchen garden at the moment it's so fast. There are still masses of figs on the tree but there were a good 15-16 that were good to pick. I halved and stewed them forward of making the chutney. I shall have to dig out the jars now which are hiding in the depths of the pantry somewhere. I get very excited when I see the shelves in there filling up with the next year's supplies of Jam's, Chutney's and sauces. It's real way to make all the fruit and veggies last throughout the year.

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