Wednesday, 15 August 2007

What a Plum!

I took a wander down to the tree line on the farm on Sunday. It was a beautiful evening and I sat at the base of an oak tree and had a think for a bit. In this particular tree line there are four fabulous plum trees, two red and two yellow. The yellow trees are massively more established and the branches are just dripping with fruit.

Dad discovered the tree last year and brought some samples back up to the house which were very well received, so I armed myself with my big green trug and ambled across the fields to the source.

My gatherings didn't last long though as the chaps really tucked into them like sweeties and there were four left in the end for chutney making! I shall have to grab the trug once more head off down the field. Other than having bowls of the little beauties around the house I made most of them into Chutney last year which was very well received I'm pleased to say! and the few jars I made didn't last any amount of time and a real winner at Christmas.

The yellow fruits are incredibly sweet and great for chutney's. The red ones are a little more tart and work better as puddings and jams having been sweetened up a little. I just love all the gathering of free food and turning it into something that can be preserved and used throughout the year. I have learned a lesson from last year though to make many more jars as whenever anyone comes to visit another jar seems to leave the house with them! I'll put the recipe for this on later as is too good not to be shared!

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