Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Buff Orpingtons

I ran out of mixed corn for the chooks this Tuesday and headed up to my local country stores to pick up another sack. They had lots of lovely new livestock consisting of gorgeous bunnies, bantam fowl, white doves and BUFF ORPINGTONS!!!

I have been on a waiting list with my chicken man in Windsor (The garden Hen - please see link on the right handside) for nearly 2.5 years now for 2 Buff Orpingtons but haven't been too successfull. The two that he had put aside for me last year turned out to be chaps and I really can't house another cockerell as I know it would put Basil's beak out of joint!!!

I stood in front of the pen with these beautiful Jersey cow coloured creamy birds in front of me and instantly knew the two I would take should I decide to take the plunge. 'Sod it' I thought, I never make enough spontaneous decisions, so promptly asked if the two could be boxed up and popped in the back of my car. I was so excited I nearly forgot the mixed corn!

I got back to the farm and decided to put them in one of the stables before introducing them to Basil and the girls. Once they were settled in there I sat down with my Chicken encylopedia to read how best the introduction should be made and when. A night time encounter seemed to be the go once the other birds had gone to roost and felt all sleepy in the dark, that way they would have a peaceful night and wake the next morning to find they're new roomies there when they opened their beady eyes! I followed that advise to the letter and promptly stuffed Minnie and Dora into the hen house under the cover of darkness.

The next morning however the teething problems had set in. I was initially concerned about Basil the cockerell and how he would take to the change but in fact it was the other girls that I really needed to watch. Constance (the butt of most of the jokes to date) really started to put the beak in now that she was off the hook. I'm still having to keep a close eye on her as she really does go looking for trouble. Lavender is a close second in trying to cause agro and Betty has turned out to be a bit of a sheep and just follows her peers in their thuggish behaviour, although not quite as bad.

By Friday there were still problems in the coop so I took some further advice on spraying them with watered down vinegar so they all smelt the same. So far, this has really worked and I have really noticed a difference in behaviour since. I just wish I had done it on the first night, it may have saved a world of trouble!!!

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Badger said...

Awwww wow!! They are so beautiful. I can not wait to meet them.

Badger x