Thursday, 8 May 2008


I was totally devastated when I went into the greenhouse yesterday evening to water the various seedlings. It really had been a beautiful day but the sun had taken its toll on the new life sprouting under the glass and burnt & withered a great deal of my hard work in a matter of hours.
Some of the glass remains free of whitewash as I just hadn't got round to doing it, and those seedlings that weren't protected by the dulled out windows didn't stand a chance in the glare for so long. That will certainly teach me in the future, don't put things off!!!

The casualties were as follows:
Lobelia - Mixed variety
Sweet corns - over half have died
Courgettes - Totally brown and dead
Money Maker Tomato plants - these took a real battering and I'm hoping they pull through although it doesn't look good!
Calebrese (broccoli) - Totally dead
Lupins - Totally dead

It is very disheartening to find your hard work completely ruined. As I had been having such a snail problem in the greenhouse I had kept some propagator lids on things to stop them from being munched ...I may as well have put them in the oven at 200 degrees!
I put my self to bed early feeling very sorry for myself and just wanting the day to end. I shall get home from work today and start new batches of everything I lost; they will just appear a few weeks later in the year than planned. All is not lost!

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