Wednesday, 22 April 2009

"Come on Girls ... Chop Chop!!!"

Sunday saw the first real taste of Summer for me. We had a beautiful eggy breakfast thanks to our very considerate hens which, gave us the oomph to attempt the first pig walk.

The bog boys came up and joined us for breakfast where we sat and discussed tactics to control excited and skittish piggies. We delayed their morning feed to give ourselves every chance of them sticking close to us and decided on a triangular formation so as to keep tabs on the slackers at the back!

The route around the farm was about half a mile and all went fairly well. At one point they got a little bold and decided to head off as a herd on their own but were smartly brought back to heal with a frantic shake of the pig nut bucket!

They like to nibble at your heals as you walk along and when they cross your path its like walking into a wall! they are so muscly and stand strong.

We have decided to make it a weekly event so they stay nice and trim and don't get all chubby. Mangalitza's have a tendency to put on a lot of fat if their diet is not controlled so we are very care full about what they are given. They don't get given all the scraps from the kitchen and just have a jolly good rootle about every day after their pig nut feed every morning, to find nice grubs, snails and worms. With the exception of a hot cross bun each on Easter Sunday, they have to find their own food which is plentiful if you have a good root about!

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