Wednesday, 17 June 2009

OH Deer!!!

On feeding the chickens this morning, I was met with a jaw dropping sight. Patch two had been totally massacred by Deer. My spinach had been gnawed within an inch of its life and my runner beans were nothing but leafless stalks.

I had seen them hanging around the top end of the farm recently but didn't think for a second that they could clear the fence into the patch. We'll have to up the height of the existing fence now as once they've had a taste they will surely be back for more. For now I have propped up dozens of 6ft planks against the hip height fence and I shall keep my fingers crossed that it stops them getting through for now. A few old Cd's on string have also done the job in scaring them off ...for now anyway!

Update: 26/07/09
I am pleased to say that the runner beans have come back with a fighting spirit and are doing me proud. Although just a few weeks ago they looked like they could just do with being ripped out, they are now abundant with leaves and blooms with the promise of beanage!

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